River X Racing Winter 2016

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2015 was a great year!

We would like to THANK everyone who supported our events.  We host the events because we love paddling, we love Muskoka and Algonquin and we love adventure racing.  Bringing the three together and sharing them with like-minded people is special for us.

2015 saw quite a number of people participate in the MRX with very little race experience.  A HUGE shout out to those people who seized the moment and fearlessly jumped into marathon paddling headfirst.  Amazing.  We love that kind of spirit and hope to see more of it in 2016!

Also new for 2015 was 220km of pure expedition paddle race excitement:  The Coureur des Bois had teams traverse Algonquin Park in one day, camp out overnight with only the gear they carried with them and then take on the MRX Classic on day two: A great success that will see more excitement into 2016.

The Ontario Ultra Paddling Point Series was launched this year with over 300 paddlers participating!  What a great showing for ultra-distance paddlers in Ontario and beyond.  Dean Brown was crowned the 2015 Champion. Check out the link for the entire 2015 points standings.  2016 will see the addition of the Kingston-2-Ottawa ultra distance race in August.  The K2O brings OUPPS up to 4 events, each building in distance and culminating with the Muskoka River X in September.  Ontario is quickly becoming the ultra-distance paddle racer’s destination for SUP, Kayak, and Canoeist.  Support OMCKRA and paddle where you live.

Check out all the 2015 results and photos:

Algonquin Outfitters MRX Results

Algonquin Outfitters Big East River X Results

Photos from the 2015 Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X

What’s New for 2016?

Based on your feedback we have made some notable improvements:

  • The Big East River X has an expanded kayak category to better reflect boat classes
  • The Muskoka River X now has a “short course”.  The MRX SPRINT will have teams finish in Bracebridge covering 80km
  • Team can now paddle C2 Rec canoes in the MRX SPRINT.  These are very common sub-17 foot canoes that don’t meet C2 Stock specifications for the MRX Classic.
  • We will be moving to a more reliable GPS tracking system.
  • We are back again for a second year at Hidden Valley Resort for registration and the awards.

Algonquin Outfitters is back for it’s fourth year as Title Sponsor. Honestly, if you need something, just talk to them.  They have everything you need.  And Huntsville Store Manager Nate is a two-time MRX Alumni, so you can be confident you’re getting the right advice.

Need to Rent a Canoe?  Contact Gord at Algonquin Outfitters.  AO has everything you need to train and race in the River X.  Visit our Documents section for AO’s boat rental program.

HandCrafted Canoes is back for their 3rd year as Boat Sponsor.  New for this year HCC is building full carbon Grand Huron 18” race boats.  Designed crazy light and super fast, the Grand Huron will go head to head with other competitors such as Clipper’s WW2, Savage River, and Jenson designed hulls.  The Grand Huron is made in Kitchener, Ontario.  Take a trip and talk to James.  He will build you a custom C2 Stock expedition race canoe that meets specifications for the 2016 Algonquin Outfitters MRX and Big East River X. HCC is also offering a huge discount to teams that register for the MRX and purchase a Grand Huron before February 29, 2016. Talk to James for all the details.

The full-carbon Grand Huron is our Prize Boat for 2016!

Your 2016 expedition starts here!

JUNE 18, 2016

Algonquin Outfitters Big East River X 40km marathon race


Algonquin Outfitters Big East River X 9km Family-Recreational race

SEPTEMBER 15-18, 2016

Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X Coureur des Bois 220km 2-day expedition race


Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X Classic 130km 1-day expedition race


Algonquin Outfitters Muskoka River X Sprint 80km 1-day expedition race

 Register early and win!

Race both the Big East River X & Muskoka River X and you are eligible to win!

HandCrafted Canoes 18’ full carbon Grand Huron C2 Stock expedition race canoe.

Register for both the Big East River X & Muskoka River X and you are eligible to win!

Accommodation for up to 4 people x 2 nights at the King William Inn.

Register for both the Big East River X & Muskoka River X and you are eligible to win!

A full MRX Swag Package including North Face Bionic Soft Shell, StormTech fleece toque and StormTech tech hat, all with custom MRX embroidery.

What’s included in the MRX fees?

  • You get bragging rights for finishing one of the toughest expedition paddling races in the world!
  • Medals, prizing, and certificates for winners
  • Door prizes open to all participants
  • MRX branded race jersey
  • MRX embroidered StormTech FINISHER tech hat
  • Ranking in the Ontario Ultra Paddling Point Series
  • Post Race Awards Party (voted best post race awards by Get Out There Magazine’s Readers Choice): Live music and our legendary MRX post-race feast in the relaxed atmosphere of Hidden Valley Resort, overlooking beautiful Peninsula Lake;
    • Smokey Bandit BBQ Ribs
    • Chimichurri Marinated Grilled Chicken
    • Baja Spiced Grilled Mahi Mahi
    • Corn on the Cob
    • Salads: House-made Potato / Mediterranean Pasta / Mixed Bean / Garden
    • Dinner Rolls
    • Vegetarian/Vegan Options by Request
    • Pint of ale specially brewed by Lake of Bays Brewery, located just up the road from CP1
  • Full set of Never Tear water & tear resistant full-color topographic course maps
  • Full set of course details and navigation instructions
  • Full-Color vinyl adhesive numbering plates
  • Full-Team race kit with all the supplies you need to get started on your expedition, including a spectator kit with full driving instructions and maps
  • Fully equipped and mobile (land/water-based) logistical event management team
  • Four (4) fully equipped first aid teams (check points)
  • Four (4) fully equipped land/water-based mobile SAR emergency medical teams
  • Police traffic control at high exposure road crossings
  • Mobile emergency shuttles from any extraction point on course to the finish line
  • Hot Tents are each check point and finish line
  • Iridium Satellite (GPS) trackers and emergency transponders: The best trackers in the world!
  • GPS-enabled live tracking map allowing spectators to watch your progress on their computer or mobile device anywhere in the world: The ultimate spectator solution for adventure and expedition racing.
  • Registration, gear check and captain’s meetings all take place inside, in the comfort of Hidden Valley Resort
  • Fees associated with all the various permits, event rentals, logistics needs, and race insurance

Coureur des Bois teams have all of their transportation needs included!

  • Shuttle from Hidden Valley Resort (Huntsville) to Start Line (Whitney)
  • Shuttle from Oxtongue Lake to Dwight (Start of Day 2)
  • Shuttle from Finish Line (River Mill Park, Huntsville) to Hidden Valley Resort (Huntsville)

Sprint teams have all of their transportation needs included!

  • Shuttle from Finish Line (Bracebridge) to River Mill Park, Huntsville

Did we mention that participants are eligible for amazing prizes?

More than $15,500 in prizing and incentives has been won in our first three years!

MRX course statistics

Fastest Overall Hull Speeds, including portaging.

C2 (Tandem Canoe):  9.8 km/hr (2014 – Classic)

SUP (solo):  7.1 km/hr (2014 – Classic)

C1 (solo canoe):  7.4 km/hr (2015 – Coureur des Bois)

K1 (solo kayak):  8.1 km/hr (2015 – Coureur des Bois)


Start / Finish: River Mill Park: Huntsville, Ontario – Bracebridge, Ontario

Total Distance / Portages: 80 km x 13 portages (approx. 5000m / longest: 1700m)

Estimated Duration: 8 hours to 16 hours


 Start / Finish: River Mill Park: Huntsville, Ontario – River Mill Park: Huntsville, Ontario

Total Distance / Portages: 130 km x 20 portages (approx. 7000m / longest: 1700m)

Estimated Duration: 13.5 hours to 24 hours


Start / Finish: Whitney, Ontario – River Mill Park: Huntsville, Ontario

Total Distance / Portages: 220km x 36 portages (approx. 11,800m / longest: 1700m)

Estimated Duration: 26 hours to 48 hours

 Sunrise: 06:58hrs Sunset: 19:38hrs

Average Daily Temperatures

High: 18.8 degrees Celsius     Low: 6.5 degrees Celsius       Average: 12.7 degrees Celsius

Other Weather Statistics

Average Daily Wind speed: 12km/hr

Average Monthly Rain: 111mm

Average Days with Thunderstorms: 3

Average Days with Fog: 5

2015 BIG EAST RIVER X Update

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Just a few more days to the first event of the 2015 Ontario Ultra Paddling Point Series that includes the Big East River X 40km event, the North Bay to Mattawa race in July and the Muskoka River X Classic and Coureur de Bois in September.  We hope everyone has been training hard and is ready for some long-distance paddling action this year.  Currently, the water levels on the Big East River are in good condition and the current is reasonable.  The weather looks good but they are calling for stronger winds so you may experience some wave action on the return trip across Lake Vernon.  Please be prepared.

REGISTRATION:  You can still register on-line if you have not done so already.  This will save you a few dollars and make your on-site registration process move along faster.  All paddlers MUST attend on-site registration starting Friday at 3pm until 9pm and then again Saturday morning at 6am to 7:30am.  This is necessary to ensure we have confirmation of who exactly is on-course, receive your waivers/medical forms, and provide you with your boat number, race maps and meal tickets.  We may also need to measure your boat if there are any questions about which class you fit into.  Please don’t wait until the last minute or you risk missing this process and potentially not being able to participate. Registration is located INSIDE Algonquin Outfitter’s Huntsville store.

PARKING:  Please note that the event that was planned by the Chamber has been cancelled so please feel free to use the public parking lot next to River Mill.  (Currently marked as a No Parking Zone in the competitor document).  Please park in the public parking lots and NOT is the store parking lots.  We have rented River Mill Park on Saturday so please feel free to use this grassy area for pre-race staging.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for reading the Big East River X Competitor Document and fully understand the mandatory equipment needs as per Transport Canada, as well as safety procedures.  This includes everyone wearing a non-inflatable PFD at all times when on the water.  We will review the course, event process and safety procedures mandatory race briefing 30 minutes which all participants are responsible for attending.

See you all this weekend!  The River X Crew….

Huntsville Paddler Hosting Paddling Clinic on May 3rd

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Huntsville MRX competitor, Steve Herr, is hosting a marathon paddling clinic in Huntsville on Sunday May 3rd. Details below…


Coach Bob Vincent (first place in Muskoka River X 2013)

Coach Gwyn Hayman (expert  marathon paddler and holds the Yukon River Quest record for mixed tandem canoe with Bob)


Coach Bob and Coach Gwyn will be holding a paddling clinic on the Big East River, Huntsville, ON.


9:00 AM –  Sunday May 3rd, 2015


Hutcheson Beach at 9 Hutcheson Road, Huntsville: https://www.google.ca/maps/place/9+Hutcheson+Beach+Rd,+Huntsville,+ON+P1H+1N4/@45.3353943,-79.2645825


To improve our technique!


1) You are encouraged to become a member of the Ontario Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racing Association (http://omckra.com) prior to attending the clinic.  It is through this association that the clinic is possible.  The clinic fee for members is $20 and $25 for non-members.

2) Bring a potluck lunch to be enjoyed after the clinic.  Everyone who has a Coleman stove or Barbecue is encouraged to bring it.

Please RSVP to Bob Vincent (bob_liz.vincent@sympatico.ca) and Steven Herr (steven@herr.ca) to reserve your place.

Shortlisted for the 2015 Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour

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Mike and I are thrilled that the mini-documentary of the 2014 Muskoka River X, directed and produced by Muskoka’s Andy Hansen (Pure Muskoka) has been shortlisted for the 2015 Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour. It’s a true honour to have Andy’s passionate portrayal of the Algonquin Outfitters‘ Muskoka River X marathon paddling race recognized and shared with thousands of paddlers at over 200 venues around the world!

Andy discovered the event in our first year almost by shear coincidence, showing up to film friend, Peter DeMos, compete in the solo SUP category. At 6:30am, he introduced himself and asked if it was okay if he filmed the race for the day. I don’t think he realized the epic nature of his chosen task! Following a race which covers 130km over 24 hours through the backcountry of Muskoka is a heroic undertaking. Andy was seen throughout the day jumping out of the woods to capture great moments all along the route. In that first year, Andy produced an inspired piece of filmmaking, drawing on his experience as a camera operator and videographer. He vowed to come back in 2014 to do it right! Using a drone, several GoPros and a DSLR camera, Andy became a one man filming machine – operating a drone, his tripod mounted camera and several GoPros, frequently all the same time. We assigned MRX alumni, Chris Near, to help Andy navigate the route and get him to all the best locations and attempt to keep up with the astounding pace of the front runners. There were many exciting moments for Andy in his 26 hour solo filming challenge. Quickly setting up  the drone, multiple cameras and keeping track of the storage of hundreds of GB of HD video meant maintaining an unwavering attention to detail. One heart thumping moment included, as Andy tells it, a near loss-of-drone emergency triggered when one of the drone’s antenna’s didn’t get installed for a flight over the Muskoka River in a remote location. This had Andy running through the dense bush to get close enough to regain full control. Fortunately, his quick thinking (and quick feet!) resolved the problem in a flash and he was able to land the several thousand dollar aerial drone without damage.


Andy prepares to capture the MRX start in Huntsville. Photo by Andy Zeltkalns

The result of Andy’s astounding effort parallels the super-human achievement of the 2014 MRX competitors who themselves achieved course records in many categories. Glen Dawson and Mike Vincent finished the 130km course in a mind-blowing 13 hours 17 minutes in C2 Tandem canoe category.

Please support Andy in this recognition of his talent to capture the MRX story, by attending the 2015 Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour when it stops in your home town.

2015 Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour
2014 MRX Video – by Andy Hansen
LinkedIn – Andy Hansen
Pure Muskoka

2014 End of Season Summary

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We would like to thank all those who participated in the 2014 Algonquin Outfitter’s Big East River X and Muskoka River X. Being only our second year, we are again overwhelmed with the support we have received from the paddling community.  2014 has been an amazing year and the River X Crew has been privileged to witness some very impressive efforts put forth by the participants of both events. Not only did the winning times of both the Big East and MRX get shattered, Mother Nature was out in full force adding additional excitement for the teams. From the ripping current and high water levels to the pelting rain, strong North East wind, and freezing temperatures our racers demonstrated amazing levels of perseverance, strength, and an incredible ability to push through adverse conditions that normally would “shore” other paddlers. We are proud and honored to host such an amazing group of people and look forward to doing it again in 2015.   Thank you for supporting our events. The River X alumni is a community of amazing people and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2015.

With 2014 wrapping up, the MRX Crew is already looking forward and planning for 2015. Tentative dates for the Big East River X is Saturday, June 20, 2015 while the Muskoka River X is set for the September 11-13, 2015 weekend. Anticipate registration during the month of November 2014. With the MRX being capped at 75 teams register early to hold your spot.


Voting for Get Out There Magazine’s 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards is now open. If you think that the Muskoka River X is a great event, please vote for us by clicking the following link and entering “Muskoka River X” in the following categories.

#2: Best Adventure Race

#7: Best Event T-Shirt

#26: Best Post-Event Party

#27: Best Race Kit

#36: Best SUP Event/Race (Yes, this is the only paddling category…)


2014 Muskoka River X Live Tracker Map

2014 Muskoka River X Results

2014 Big East River X Results

2014 Muskoka River X and Big East River X Photos

Muskoka River X Race Summary by Hap and Andrea Wilson

Muskoka River X article by SUP The MAG

MRX Article by SUP Racer

MRX video by Team Cache Flash

MRX Video by Team Johnny and Sonny


2013 starting line numbers : 41 teams

2014 starting line numbers: 61 teams

Number of Paddlers in 2013: 73

Number of Paddlers in 2014: 111

Number of Countries Represented in 2013: 2

Number of Countries Represented in 2014: 3

Number of Canadian Provinces/Territories Represented in 2013: 3

Number of Canadian Provinces/Territories Represented in 2014: 5

Farthest Travelers in 2013: Yukon / Vermont

Farthest Travelers in 2014: Hawaii / South Africa

MRX Completion Rate in 2013: 66%

MRX Completion Rate in 2014: 54%

Fastest Time in 2013: 14hrs 14min

Fastest Time in 2014: 13hrs 17min

Fastest C2 in 2013: Savage River Susquehanna

Fastest C2 in 2014: Clipper White Water II

Faster C1 in 2013: Wenonah Advantage

Faster C1 in 2014: Wenonah Advantage

Fastest K1 in 2013: Epic 18X

Fastest K1 in 2014: Epic 18X

Fastest SUP in 2013: Starboard Inflatable

Fastest SUP in 2014: Starboard 14 Allstar


On behalf of the competitors, we wish to thank our Volunteers for all of the amazing support they provided to the events. Everyone should be aware that without our Volunteers, these events would not have happened. From CP staffing to patrol boats to portage crossings, and even tending bonfires, the Volunteers were invaluable. We can’t reinforce this enough. So, the next time you find yourself at an event, walk up and thank the volunteers because if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be racing.


Thank you for all the support you provided the Big East River X and Muskoka River X and in making our inaugural events a huge success:

To all owners of private lands through which portage routes pass; sincere thanks on behalf of all those who passed through your property.

Algonquin Outfitters; Rich Swift and his Crew for being there right from the start and in providing amazing prizing to the racers, logistical and safety support, rentals, and pretty much anything else we needed to get this event off the ground. From Grey Owl paddles, Salus life-jackets, Petzel Lamps, to all the little stuff, You Are Amazing!

Hand Crafted Canoes; for donating the beautiful Nith River ultra light Kevlar prize canoe. This is a beautiful boat made with love my master builder James Gjesing and is designed for expeditions such as the MRX or the backcountry. No off-shore building here. Designed and built here in Breslau, Ontario.

LUPINE North America; for donating the blinding Piko lighting system. The best in mountain bike lighting and designed for hardcore riding and racing LUPINE systems are uniquely adaptable to the needs of racing canoes, kayaks and SUPS. With multiple mounting options and their ultra-long burn times LUPINE is our go-to choice for expedition racing. Thanks to Dan Haus from LUPINE for supporting our event.

Canadian Ski Patrol Service – Muskoka Zone; for providing us with medical support at our check points and making sure everyone was safe and healthy.

The Cottage Waterfront Grill; for opening your doors and letting your home become our home, and for the amazing post race meal.

TrackLeaders; for providing the MRX with the SPOT gps units and live tracking map.   The MRX is truly a spectator sport.

Miss Nelles in Baysville and The Burger Shop in Bracebridge; for feeding our volunteers and race staff, and for providing outstanding food and service to our spectators.

King William Inn; for providing great accommodation to our competitors, including Gord Nielson who received a complimentary room for the weekend (early registration has it’s benefits). We loved seeing you’re parking lot full of canoes.

CLIF; for providing the event with a trunk full CLIF BARS . From 1st place prizing for the Big East to race kits and door prizes at the MRX, CLIF was everywhere.

Badger Paddles; for providing master craftsmanship in hand-carving paddle-medals and trophies for the Big East and MRX.

Aben Graphics; for attending to all our complex printing needs in a timely manner

Muskoka Outfitters; for opening your doors and letting us use your property for CP2.

The Tulip Inn; for opening providing us access to their beautiful beach on the Big East River for our check point and turn around.

We would also want to thank the Ontario Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racing Association for sanctioning the Big East River X and Muskoka River River X and accepting our events into their annual schedule.

We also wish to acknowledge the efforts and support received from the Huntsville-Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Huntsville, Township of Lake of Bays, Town of Bracebridge, District of Muskoka, Ontario Power Generation, Bracebridge Generation, Orillia Power, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Huntsville Fire, EMS, and OPP.

Big East River X Update

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BIG EAST RIVER X UPDATE: Paddled the Big East River solo today in my 18″ surf ski. Water level is still very high and the flow is strong and challenging, but not scary. No rapids. Teams can expect a great workout going upriver and can expect lightening fast returns. I averaged 5.9km/hr upriver and 12-13km/hr downriver. Teams will need to pay attention to the current and eddy lines. Keep the nose pointed against the current and avoid hitting the current line broadside when rounding bends. This won’t be a lazy day on the water and bow paddlers can expect lots of draw stokes. There is no more rain in the forecast and the trend slowing down but the forecast does call for sore shoulders. Hydrate appropriately. It can be hot on the water.

PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES: Mandatory for the full duration of the event while on the water. Inflatables will no longer by allowed. All teams MUST wear “life jackets”. This is for the safety of all teams and “single use” PDFs are just not appropriate given the conditions.

June 2014 Newsletter

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11 days until the Big East River X and we are totally pumped to get racing season up and running in Muskoka. At the time of writing this newsletter, we already have 63 paddlers registered, exceeding our total overall number from last year and we haven’t even reached race day yet.  With paddlers coming in from as far away as Manitoba, we couldn’t be more pleased with the response from the paddling community. Thank you for supporting out event!

The weather in Muskoka has been beautiful and with a number of fairly dry weeks, the Big East River water level is a little lower compared to last year. We paddled the full river over the weekend and the current is running between 2-3km/hrs. Paddlers who competed in the 40km event last year will notice the last 4-5 km of the top end of the river section starts getting shallow with numerous sandy swifts. There is always a navigable channel but the upper section of the river will challenge teams in their ability to read the water; watching for submerged hazards and reading the current in order to make the best choice of lines. Once teams reach the turn-around point at Tulip Inn the down-river paddle will be a joy. Our downriver speed was clocked at a maximum of 12.4 km/hrs in a ProV1. Wicked fun, especially with the tight twisty sections of the top half of the river: It’ll make the up-river effort worth it ☺. Keep your fingers crossed for some more rain next week to keep the water levels up.

Please print off the Competitor Document so you have a copy of the race itinerary and all the rules. We are starting earlier this year to make the most of early morning conditions. With that in mind, there is limited time for same day registration. We do recommend coming in the night before as we will be set up behind Algonquin Outfitters until 9 pm.  See the Competitor Document for details and maps. Also be mindful, there is a large downtown festival going on that weekend. Main Street will be closed so please access River Mill park via Caroline Street East / Queen Street (see Competitor Document for map). If you are looking for accommodation, we recommend either the King William or the Tulip Inn. Check our web site for the links.

After the event, enjoy a relaxing lunch at The Cottage Bar and Grill. Under new management, The Cottage has refreshed with a brand new menu. Try the ribs, fish tacos, or even the Falafel Burger. Everything is yummy at The Cottage. With every registration, you get a Big East Meal (Burgers/Sausage/Veggie Burger, fries, drink) OR you can use the voucher for $10 towards any menu item, which ever you prefer. With the best waterfront deck in town, you can’t beat The Cottage.



Teams are still lining up and registration remains open for the Long Single Day Expedition Paddling race in the world. With the current roster at 175% the number of those who paddled last year we are close to doubling the fleet in our second year! Thank you very much for your warm reception and we look forward to putting on another amazing event for you.  We still have spots open for this year’s event so don’t wait.  Register your team now.  Spots are limited.

With paddlers coming in from as far away as Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska, and Nova Scotia the MRX is spreading it’s wings and it’s reputation. This year’s line-up looks to make 2014 an epic event. As expected, most teams are paddling C2 however we’ve seens a huge increase in the number of solo paddlers. So far, 20 have chosen to go it alone: 8 SUP solos, 7 K1s, and 5 C1s. We can’t wait to see how things will shake out at the finish line. Here is the breakdown from last year’s winning teams: Including actual paddling time, 20 portages, checkpoints, and whatever else teams did or did not do over 130km the average fastest pace according to “the clock” is as follows;
C2:                9.1 km/hour
C1:                7.1 km/hour
K1:                7.0 km/hour
SUP Solo:      5.2 km/hour

That’s your benchmark. Start training!

Muskoka River X Merchandise and Attire
If you are already registered, you will have received an email detailing the offerings we have. Soft shells, ball caps, beanies, and long-sleeve tech shirts. Check your “in-box” and place your order. You only have until July 25th. After that, you’ll have to wait until 2015 since these are all special orders, just for you! We will also be posting the details on the web site shortly.

Post Race
Did we talk about how much we love ‘debriefing’ after 24 hours of racing? Well, if we haven’t and you weren’t here last year you should know that the MRX is not only know for being the Toughest single day canoe race in the world, the best SUP race in Eastern Canada, or one of the top ultra distance paddling races in North America. The MRX is also known for having one of the best post race meals around!  Back again at The Cottage, imagine that you just finished 130km of paddling across 4 lakes  and 2 river systems, navigating 20 portages, fully self supported and carrying enough gear for a back country trip, all in under 24 hours.  Now imagine yourself sitting on a waterfront deck, feasting on a BBQ of chicken, ribs, fish, corn, potatoes, salads, vegan options, and yes…..washing it down with an ice cold pint of ale or a glass of wine, whichever suits your palate…including other drink options as well.

Paddle like a Voyageur and Feast like one too!

And adding to the ambiance will be Tobin Spring, playing an unplugged session of the best tunes to mellow with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wJJO6giNw.

Welcome to the Finish Line…MRX style!

(It’s all included in your registration…)

Coming Up
In the next few weeks look out for our blog on “making water”. As part of the event, teams are responsible for being fully self-sufficient, including making drinkable water. This challenged a few teams last year so for 2014 we will be providing some advice. Also, we will also be blogging on options for lighting up your MRX experience. Muskoka in September gets pretty dark so expect to spend at least part of your MRX experience being nocturnal. We have some advice, including some technical recommendations. Look for both in the near future.

That’s it for now. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We do our best to keep on top of things and will get back to you as soon as we can. If you need to rent a boat, refer to our rental page in the Registration drop-down for options from Algonquin Outfitters and Hand Crafted Canoes. Lastly, don’t wait to reserve your accommodation. There is a big weekend music festival going on in Huntsville so we do anticipate rooms to be in short supply. Again, King William is the best place for the MRX.

Cheers,  Mike and Rob