Big East River X Update

By June 19, 2014 Uncategorized

BIG EAST RIVER X UPDATE: Paddled the Big East River solo today in my 18″ surf ski. Water level is still very high and the flow is strong and challenging, but not scary. No rapids. Teams can expect a great workout going upriver and can expect lightening fast returns. I averaged 5.9km/hr upriver and 12-13km/hr downriver. Teams will need to pay attention to the current and eddy lines. Keep the nose pointed against the current and avoid hitting the current line broadside when rounding bends. This won’t be a lazy day on the water and bow paddlers can expect lots of draw stokes. There is no more rain in the forecast and the trend slowing down but the forecast does call for sore shoulders. Hydrate appropriately. It can be hot on the water.

PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES: Mandatory for the full duration of the event while on the water. Inflatables will no longer by allowed. All teams MUST wear “life jackets”. This is for the safety of all teams and “single use” PDFs are just not appropriate given the conditions.