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Muskoka River X 2024, Sept 13-15


MRX 2024

No outside assistance. No re-supplies. No electronic navigation.


The MRX Tradition Continues


Voyageur class

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Muskoka River X
September 13-15, 2024


Since time immemorial, the areas west of the Ottawa River and east of Georgian Bay have been the homeland of the Anishinaabek people. These are the traditional territories of enduring Nations that continue their presence on these lands as hunting grounds, medicine areas, and gathering places related to them through oral history passed down for generations. The watersheds of these lands are vast and rich with abundant lakes interconnected by rivers and wetlands. Following the War of 1812 the British began searching for a waterway to connect the Ottawa River with Georgian Bay. On August 1, 1837 David Thompson led the last of these expeditions from what is now known as Penetanguishene, on the shores of Georgian Bay. He arrived three months later at what is now known as Arnprior, where the Madawaska River meets the Ottawa River. On September 14, 2024, teams are challenged to complete a 90km section of David Thompson’s route as they traverse Algonquin Park, one of Canada’s Premier Canoe Tripping destinations.

This season, River X is honouring the Canoe Tripper. Tripper Teams will paddle the quintessential canoe. Defined by its symmetrical hull with curved bow and stern, this elegant watercraft can be paddled in almost any condition. Powering the Canoe Tripper is the traditional paddle: wood with a straight shaft and straight blade. Canoe Tripper Teams will also demonstrate their backcountry abilities by completing a unique challenge as they compete for the title of Ultimate Tripper.

More of a Marathoner and less of a Tripper? River X has you covered with all of the traditional categories such as C2 Stock, C1 Stock, K1 and SUP. Returning for 2024 is the Voyageur Class, open to all teams.

Starting at dawn on the shore of Galeairy Lake, teams paddle west into the heart of Algonquin Park. Completing a true back-country experience of lakes, rivers, marsh and portages, teams must find their way home under the setting sun, navigating the mighty Oxtongue River.

No outside assistance. No re-supplies. No electronic navigation.

Considered by some to be the toughest single day canoe race in the world. Your X-PEDITION is waiting.


Start @ Couples Resort, Whitney, Ontario

  • Galeairy Lake to,
  • Rock Lake to,
  • Lake of Two Rivers to,
  • Cache Lake to,
  • Smoke Lake to,
  • Tea Lake to,
  • Oxtongue River to,
  • Oxtongue Lake

Finish @ Algonquin Outfitters, Oxtongue Lake, Ontario


  • Start: Couples Resort, Galeairy Lake, Whitney, ON
  • Total Distance: 90.5 km
  • Total Elevation Gain: +322m
  • Estimated Duration: 10 to 18 hours
  • Sunrise: 6:49 am
  • Average High: 18ºC
  • Average Daily Wind Speed: 10-12km/hr.
  • Fog: Almost guaranteed on Galeairy Lake
  • Finish: Algonquin Outfitters Store, Oxtongue Lake, ON
  • Number of Portages: 15
  • Total Elevation Lost: -345 m
  • Total Daylight: 12 hr 34 min
  • Sunset: 7:23 pm
  • Average Low: 5ºC
  • Average Monthly Rain: 82 mm
  • Moon Phase: Half-way between 1st Quarter and Full Moon


Tripper Class

(Open – All Trippers Are Considered Equal)
A non-racing canoe with a symmetrical hull and symmetrically C-shaped bow and stern, between 15 and 17 feet long.

  • All Tripper Teams are included in the Tripper Challenge
  • Tandem canoes only
  • No skegs/rudders
  • Trippers favour a wooden, straight-shaft, and straight-blade canoe paddle
  • Examples include: “Prospector”, “Peterborough” and “Canadian-Style”

C2 Stock

(Female / Male / Non-Binary / Mixed / Family)
Maximum length of 18’6”. Minimum width of 14.4% of length at 4” waterline (i.e., 32” for 18’6” length / 29.4” for 17’ length). Minimum depth @ Bow (17”), Centre (12.5”) and Stern (16”).

  • Canoes with concave hulls are not permitted
  • No skegs/rudders
  • Single-blade paddle only

C1 Stock

(Female / Male / Non-Binary)
Maximum length of 17’2” and minimum length of 15’.

  • Canoes with concave hulls are not permitted
  • No skegs/rudders
  • Single-blade paddle only

K1 Fast

(Female / Male / Non-Binary)
9.25:1 to 10.99:1 length to width ratio – see for a list of kayaks that meet specification as per Sound Rowers. This category includes traditional sea kayaks with fast hull designs, performance surf skis, and performance kayaks.

  • Double-blade paddle only

K1 Touring

(Female / Male / Non-Binary)
This category includes various traditional sea kayaks as well as non-performance surf skis. Minimum length of 15 feet.
Less than 9.25:1 length to width ratio – see for a list of kayaks that meet specification as per Sound Rowers.

  • Double-blade paddle only

Stand-up Paddle Board

  • Hard Board Class
  • Inflatable Board Class

(Female / Male / Non-Binary)
Is an open class but must meet the following specifications:
Length: Minimum of 11’6” / 14’ maximum
Width: No minimum / No maximum

  • Single-blade paddle only

Voyageur Class

Are you worthy to be a voyageur?

Voyageurs were the predecessor of today’s long- distance shipping and supply companies. Paddling canoes filled with trade goods across the interior of the continent, their strength and endurance were legendary. Each voyageur worked at least 14 hours a day, paddled 55 strokes per minute, and could carry two bundles of pelts and furs weighing about 90 pounds across each portage. A routine portage meant carrying 180 pounds across rugged terrain full of rocks, mud, mosquitoes and black flies. The Muskoka River X gives tribute to these legends with the Voyageur Class. By entering, you choose to transport a handmade wooden crate filled with locally crafted and sourced goods across Algonquin Park. Your reward for accomplishing this arduous task? Bragging Rights! And you get to keep the crate and all that it contains.

THE CRATE or wanagan is a locally handcrafted wooden box; 2’x1’x1′ for Tandems and 1’x1’x1′ for Solos. Crates are sealed prior to being issued at the start line, and must not be opened until the awards banquet. The payload in each crate comprises a selection of locally sourced goods and produce such as maple syrup, beer, dried meat, honey, chocolate or other unexpected gifts. All crates will be the same, proportioned for Solos and Tandems. Tandem crates typically weight 30+ lbs. The payload is packed in a water-resistant fashion and resistant to bumps and knocks, but should not be considered water-proofed or drop-proofed. Care must be taken to keep the crate dry and in good condition. As a Voyageur, you are responsible for any damage to the goods.

THE CHALLENGE is to successfully transport the crate from Whitney and deliver it to the finish line at Oxtongue Lake within the allotted time. The 1st Voyageur Team to successfully deliver their crate will be celebrated the winner, and a modern-day Voyageur. All Voyageur Teams will be celebrated at the awards banquet where they will open their crate and enjoy their Payload. Any watercraft category can participate. Voyageur Teams are ranked separately within this unique category. Prove yourself worthy and register for the Voyageur Class.

Registration for Voyageur Class

Registration fees for the Voyageur Class are added to the MRX Base fees.

  • Solo (C1, Kayak, SUP) $100 + HST
  • Tandem (C2) $150 + HST

Tripper Class

Are you the ultimate tripper?

Canoe Trippers are modern-day adventurers, analogous to the Voyageur. They have an affinity with nature, the wilderness, and a different pace and lifestyle not common within our contemporary reality. They choose water as their passageway, and are known to travel long distances, carry heavy loads, and relish adverse conditions. They take pride in their ability to sustain themselves with only the resources they carry. Canoe Trippers are often born into this culture of water- walking through summer camp, tripping with familes, or through a chance encounter with adventure. For 2024, Muskoka River X gives tribute to the Canoe Tripper.

THE CHALLENGE is to successfully complete the 90 km distance from Galeairy Lake to Oxtongue Lake in the time allotted. Trippers will paddle the quintessential tripper canoe and use a traditional wooden tripping paddle. Upon arrival at their destination, Teams will prepare their 2-person tent into livable conditions, including twin sleeping mats and sleeping bags. They will boil water using a camp stove and serve hot tea. All equipment needed to complete these tasks will be carried by the team throughout the entirety of the event. This mandatory challenge is part of the Tripper Class registration. A 45 min time penalty applies if a team does not complete the challenge. Open camp fires are not permitted. Outside assistance and/or supplies are not permitted. The 1st Tripper Team to successfully complete these challenges will claim the title of Ultimate Tripper and be awarded a pair of handcrafted Badger Paddles.




Thanks to Muskoka Roastery for producing this short documentary about the Huntsville 110 Race in Sept 2021.

Seeing Is Believing

2014 Official Muskoka River X Documentary

Thanks to Andy Hansen of Pure Muskoka, who produced, directed and edited this professional mini-documentary of the 2014 Muskoka River X. MRX alumnus, Chris Near of Huntsville, helped Andy get to all the spectacular locations along the course. Armed with a drone, multiple GoPro cameras and a DSLR, Andy has captured and created a captivating testament to the challenge of the Muskoka River X and those that are driven to accomplish this epic expedition paddling race.Shortlisted-Film-Logo_300x294

2013 Muskoka River X

Andy Hansen